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The video for this DVD was shot from Feb. 8th - 19th, 2004 on the islands of O'ahu, Maui, and Moloka'i. It wouldn't all fit on a single DVD, so you get well over 2 hours of video in this set.

The video is all digital, recorded on a Sony TRV-33 Handycam. No extra microphones or stands were used, so there is a natural, home-movie feel alá Blair Witch. The samples above are lo-res; the DVD is quite stunning in its quality!

Go ahead! Be a voyeur and take a virtual vacation to Hawaii! 

  • Waikiki and Diamond Head from the air!
  • Shopping trip to Hilo Hattie's!
  • Beachfront walk to Queen's beach (where you might see some queens!)
  • Black Sand beaches, Lahaina Harbor, Road To Hana...and WHALES!
  • Luau complete with Hula dancers!
  • Fr. Damien's Moloka'i leper colony, 3-Mile beach....
  • And much more...all accompanied by glorious sounds of flowing steel guitar music!

" We took a vacation and didn't even leave the farm!"
— the Guthries, Athens, GA.

Item #:MF01472

Mountain Fever

The First Album

Here's an old Bluegrass band formed in 1971 in Athens, GA.
(way before those Rock Lobster guys!)

This group was together over seven years and entertained folks from Iowa to Milwaukee to Dallas and even the Bahamas!

This CD is from their first vinyl album and includes some of their most requested cover tunes. An eclectic mix of New-grass and Rock.

Check out some samples!

Comments: "Typed in Mountain Fever and there you were  ...  Heard Uncle Pen and Devil's Dream.  You guys were great!!!  Kay and I used to love your rendition of "Ventura Highway". 

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